How to Create a Science Cell Travel Brochure

A brochure about cell biology is a creative way for students to demonstrate their understanding of cell structure.
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A travel brochure is an interactive project students of almost any grade level can create to demonstrate a thorough understanding of a topic. You can use a brochure about the anatomy of a plant or animal cell to display diagrams of cells, highlight the different parts of a cell, and explain how the parts work together to form the living cell structure. You can create travel brochure templates on a computer and print them, or make them by hand by folding paper and using markers. A student may simply use the template of a travel brochure to create his project, or utilize the metaphor of travel to take viewers on a "trip" through the body of a cell structure.

    Take one sheet of paper in a desired color. If you plan to use a computer, open the brochure template in a word processor. If you are creating the brochure by hand, mark where the pages will fold inward to create the brochure format.

    Title the brochure on the front folded page. Be sure to specify if the brochure will feature an animal cell, a plant cell, or both. Add an image of a plant or an animal to the front cover; you can print this, cut it from a magazine, or draw it by hand. If you're using the metaphor of a trip, title the brochure appropriately, for example, "Journey Through a Cell Jungle" or "Vacationing with Vacuoles."

    Label the sections of the brochure and leave space for drawing images and writing descriptions. Sections may include an overview of the whole cell with subsections illustrating and discussing the different parts of the cell. If you are using the travel metaphor, the different layers of the cell can be cited as destinations for a trip into the cell.

    Write a description of the topic labeled in each section of the brochure. Be sure to explain thoroughly what the featured part of the cell's function is in relation to the rest of the cell and its parts.

    Illustrate the brochure. Using computer or hand-drawn graphics, place images of the cell and its parts alongside each appropriate section of the brochure.

    Fold the brochure and write your name on the front or back cover.

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