How to Determine Your Cumulative GPA From College Transcripts

Determine your cumulative college GPA with your complete transcript.
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Cumulative GPA, or grade point average, is taken into consideration in awarding scholarships, placement in graduate school and admittance to certain classes and programs. It is based on the total number of college credit hours attempted and the grades received for those classes listed on a transcript. Each grade is assigned a number of points, and the points are added up and divided by the total number of credit hours to determine the average grade point. Most transcripts have a cumulative GPA already included for you, but if you want to double check, or don't see one, use this formula to calculate yours.

    Calculate the number of grade points you accumulated for each class on your transcript. For each class, multiply the number of credit hours by the points given per grade. Use this guide to determine the points per grade: A -- four points, B -- three points, C -- two points, D -- one point. Pass/no pass grades, withdrawals or incompletes do not count in the average. For example, an “A” for a three-credit hour class earns you 12 grade points.

    Add up the number of grade points for every class on your transcript.

    Add up the number of all the credit hours you attempted. Count all credit hours that were given a grade, regardless of the grade.

    Divide the total number of grade points by the total number of credit hours to determine your cumulative GPA.

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