How to Determine Your Practice CLEP Score

Taking the practice CLEP test helps you prepare.
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The College-Level Examination Program test gives you college credit for subjects you already know if your score qualifies. The CLEP test uses a scale that results in a score between 20 and 80. It is difficult to determine practice test scores for the CLEP. Instead, you can determine whether you achieved a passing score on the practice CLEP.

    Ask your student adviser what the cutoff is for passing scores on the CLEP test. The passing score can vary for each school but is usually 50, which is the scaled score and not a percentage.

    Take the practice test, then use the key to check your answers. Mark each question that you answered incorrectly.

    Total the incorrect answers and write the number down. Then look at the last page of the practice test to get the total number of questions.

    Subtract the number of incorrect answers from the total number of questions to get the number of correct answers, then divide that number by the total number of questions. For example, 45 correct answers out of a total of 60 questions gives you 0.75.

    Convert the number to a percentage by multiplying it by 100. For example, multiply 0.75 by 100 to get 75 percent. If your percentage is more than 65, you have probably passed. You cannot get a scaled score on the practice test, which is why you must use a percentage to gauge how well you did on the test.