How to Dispose of Lead Aprons

Lead aprons must be disposed of properly.
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Lead aprons are often used in hospitals, dental offices and other settings where X-rays are taken. The aprons are made with lead and can contaminate the soil in a landfill, posing a health hazard. They should not be placed in the trash to be treated as any normal piece of refuse. Lead aprons should be handled and disposed of as if they were any other type of bio-hazardous waste.

    Contact your current hazardous-waste carrier or handling company to inquire about lead recycling. If they offer pick-up services, ask to set up a pick-up for your unwanted aprons.

    Contact your local scrap metal recycling center. The lead in the aprons can be recycled and used to create new lead products.

    Contact the manufacturer of the aprons to ask about returning unusable aprons. There may be a discount program available for your next order.

    Pack the aprons as directed by the company you choose to handle the disposal, and send them to the company or await pick-up.


    • Do not throw lead aprons in the regular trash. They are detrimental to the soil in landfills and can even leak lead into water supplies.