How to Divide a Percent Using a Calculator

How to Divide a Percent Using a Calculator
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A calculator can make many mathematical tasks easier. One such task is the division of percentages. You find percentages in many areas of life, such as in shopping when you see a sign for a certain percentage off the price of an item. Although you can work out percentage division problems with pencil and paper, you can complete these calculations much more efficiently with a series of simple keystrokes on a calculator.

    Convert the percent into a decimal value by dividing the percentage by 100. For instance, in the process of calculating 50 percent of 200 by 5, you would key in 50, followed by the divide key (/) and the figure 100. Press the equal sign (=) to get an answer of 0.5.

    Multiply the number you need the percentage of by the decimal percentage. In this example, you need to find 50 percent of 200. Therefore, you would enter 0.5, followed by the times key (* or x) and the figure 200. Press the equal sign to get an answer of 100.

    Divide this percentage by the number you need to divide by. For example, to divide the resultant percentage by 5, you would key in 100, followed by /, 5, and then =. This would give you an answer of 20.


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