How to Divide Two or More Fractions

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If you understand how to multiply two or more fractions, then dividing two or more fractions should be simple. There is just one extra step involved. This article discusses how to divide two or more fractions.

    If the problem contains mixed numbers, you have to convert them to improper fractions. To do this, multiply the whole number by the denominator. Then, add the numerator to this result. Lastly, put this sum over the denominator. For instance, 5 3/7 would be (5*7)+3 all over 7 which is 38/7. If the problem does not contain mixed numbers, skip this step.

    Flip every fraction except the first one. This is called taking the reciprocal.

    Multiply the numerators together.

    Multiply the denominators together.

    Simplify the answer, if possible.

    As an example, let us do (3/8)/(1 1/5)/(4/9). 1 1/5 as an improper fraction is (1_5)+1 all over 5 which is 6/5. The problem is now (3/8)/(6/5)/(4/9). Now we flip all fractions except the first one and change the division signs to multiplication symbols. The problem now reads (3/8)(5/6)(9/4). The next step is to multiply the numerators to get 3_5_9 or 135. Multiply the denominators to get 8_6*4 or 192. Now we have 135/192 and that is the answer.

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