What Do Asian Lady Beetles Eat?

What Do Asian Lady Beetles Eat?
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The Asian lady beetle, or ladybug, is a predatory insect that can be very beneficial against many common garden pests. They were brought to the United States intentionally in the early 1900s because of the potential agricultural benefits.


Aphids make up the largest part of the diet of Asian lady beetles. These are small insects that feed on plant sap, which can eventually weaken and kill the plants. They can be a huge pest, wreaking havoc on crops.

Spider Mites

Spider mites are also eaten by lady beetles. They're also soft-bodied plant sap eaters. They are a bit smaller than aphids.


This is another plant sap pest insect. They are white colored, and almost look like a small speck of cotton. They are also a common part of the lady beetle diet.

Mildew, Pollen and Nectar

Some Asian lady beetles will eat small amounts of pollen on occasion, along with mildew and nectar. These generally are just a small part of their diet.

Other Small Insects

Lady beetles are known to be aggressive predators, and if they get an opportunity, they will eat almost any insect that is small enough for them to handle.