How to Do the Coding Speed Test on the ASVAB

Take the ASVAB test if you want a military job.
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The Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is an entrance exam used by the military to test your aptitude for subjects relative to math, science, mechanical and electronic comprehension as well as coding speed. The coding speed section tests your ability to view a list of numbers and associate the information with a graph. The test is timed, so you must practice to speed up your testing time.

    Take practice tests before you take the actual exam. Practice exams give you sample questions similar to the coding speed test and help improve your speed during the actual test.

    Navigate to the coding portion of the test. Answer the graph questions that ask you to pick a number out of a group of answers that are associated with the graph. Associate the numbers with the text.

    Skip questions you can't answer and go back after you answer the ones you can answer. Since the test is timed, if you run out of time, you have the correct answers entered while the ones you are unsure of are left unanswered, improving your score.

    Check your answers with the numbers after you finish the block of questions associated with the numbers graph. This takes a little more time, but you avoid choosing the wrong answer if you are unsure of the answer you selected.


    • Get plenty of sleep and eat a healthy breakfast before taking the exam. This will help you think more clearly and avoids fatigue while you take th test.

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