How to Do a Cross Product on a TI-83

Create a program that allows you to solve cross products on the TI-83.
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Cross product mathematics is an advanced binary operation, also known as a vector product. Solving a cross product problem is complex, and is best done with a graphing calculator. While calculators that are capable of 3D graphing are ideal for solving cross products, they are often expensive and impractical for the average consumer. By creating a simple program on the TI-83, you can solve a cross product without a 3D calculator.

    Select "PRGM" and "ENTER" to start a new program.

    Input "Prompt" by selecting, "PGRM," "Right Arrow" and "2" followed by "A," "B" and "C." Your screen will appear as ":Prompt A, B, C."

    Select "ENTER" and repeat the above step while substituting "D," "E" and "F" for the previous letters that were inputted.

    Press "ENTER", and input the equation, "AE-BD=Z."

    Push "ENTER" again, and input the equation, "CD-AF=Y."

    Press "ENTER" and input the final part of the cross product equation, "BF-CE=X."

    Input "ENTER", "PRGM," "Right Arrow" and "3", followed by "X,Y,Z."

    Code your final line, press "ENTER" and "√(X²+Y²+Z²)."

    Save your program by pressing "PRGM" and naming the program "CROSSPRODUCT."

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