How Do I Tell if a Duracell Battery With a Tester Is Good?

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If you've ever picked up an old battery and wondered if there was any life left in it, Duracell batteries with the PowerCheck strip are the answer. By squeezing two points on the battery, you can get a fairly accurate indication of how much battery life remains in the cell. A yellow indicator line travels up the gauge, showing how much life is left in the battery. With the easy-to-use PowerCheck strip, you will know exactly which batteries can be saved, and which need to take a trip to the recycling center.

    Locate the two tester dots on the battery. One is on the side of the battery, and the other is near the bottom of the battery.

    Squeeze both dots.

    Watch the indicator on the side of the battery. A yellow bar will move up the indicator strip. Next to the bar is a scale that shows when the battery is at or near full charge, at or near half charge and when the battery is near the end of its life. The yellow bar will stop somewhere along the scale, indicating the remaining lifespan of the Duracell battery.

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