How to Do an Egg Projectile Project

How to Do an Egg Projectile Project
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The goal of an egg projectile project is to move an egg quickly from point A to point B without breaking or otherwise harming a raw egg. There are many ways to keep an egg from breaking, but not so many when launching the egg as a projectile. A simple catapult and a firm base on the egg's protective casing are the biggest requirements when attempting to complete an egg projectile project.

Cushioning the Egg

    Place the egg inside a length of pantyhose and twist the hose around the egg. Make sure the egg does not move around inside the hose. Secure each end right next to the egg with rubber bands.

    Tape each end of the hose to a Styrofoam cup. The egg will be centered over the cup's opening and will not bang against the sides of the cup. Place another cup over the opening of the first cup and tape these two together.

    Test the cushioned egg contraption by dropping it onto the floor from your hand. Any design flaws will be evident if the egg breaks upon impact. Repair flaws and test again until the cushioning is secure. Once this step is complete, move on to build the catapult.

Creating a Catapult

    Roll a length of newspaper into a log and tape the center with masking tape. Lay the log on top of a rubber band.

    Stretch the rubber band around the newspaper and loop the rubber band in place by passing one end through the other. Place your finger through the loop to hold it in place.

    Lace a large tablespoon through the rubber band. The handle of the spoon will be halfway through the rubber band and the spoon will be large enough to support the base of the Styrofoam cup holding the egg.

    Tape the ends of the newspaper log to the tabletop. Practice using the catapult with objects other than the wrapped egg to make sure it works properly.

    Things You'll Need

    • Egg
    • Pantyhose
    • Two Styrofoam cups
    • Tape
    • Newspaper
    • Tablespoon
    • Rubber band
    • Masking tape

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