How Do I Find Out My Illinois Teacher Certification Number?

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In order to teach in Illinois, you must complete licensing requirements and obtain a certificate for teaching. If you have lost your certificate, you may not know or remember your teacher certification number. Illinois maintains a database for the state's educators to view and track their certification information. The system is accessed by using your Social Security number (SSN). This will allow you find out your teacher certification number; in addition, you can renew your certificate or even update your professional-development record, all in one place.

    Click on the link to the Illinois State Board of Education:

    Click on the "ECS" link in the top navigation line.

    Click on the "Click here" link under "Educator Access."

    Click on the "Create New Account" button.

    Enter your SSN in both the "SSN" and "Verify SSN" boxes. Enter your last name in the "Last Name" box. Click on the "Next" button.

    Type your email address into the "Email address" and "Verify Email Address" text boxes. Click on "Next."

    Fill out the information sheet. You'll need to enter personal details, such as your name, address, telephone number, your school system and educator type. When you have finished completing each section of the form, click on "Next." The final screen will provide you with a log-in and password.

    Log into your account.

    Click on the top link on the page that states, "You have been assigned an Illinois Educator Identification Number."


    • Your school's secretary or human resources administrator may also be able to provide you with your Illinois educator number. Alternatively, when you were hired, a copy of your certification was probably placed in your individual personnel file, either at your school or in the school district's central office. You are allowed to access your own personnel file by law.


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