How Do You Find the Perimeter of a Cube?

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Finding a perimeter for a cube might seem difficult since perimeters are generally associated with two-dimensional shapes, and a cube is a classic three-dimensional object. A cube, though, can be viewed as a collection of two-dimensional objects, since each of its six faces is a square. Just as the square's perimeter is the sum of its four individual sides, the perimeter of a cube is the total of all of its separate sides, also known as the cube's edges.

    Find the measurement of one edge of the cube. For this example, one edge of the cube is 8 units long.

    Find the number of edges of the cube. A cube has 12 identical edges.

    Multiply the length of the individual edge by the number of edges. In this example, multiplying 8 by 12 results in 96.


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