How to Do an Absolute Value Function on the TI-83 Plus

How to Do an Absolute Value Function on the TI-83 Plus
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The TI-83 calculator, developed by Texas Instruments, is an advanced graphing calculator designed to calculate and graph various equations. With so many buttons, menus and submenus, locating your desired function can be a daunting task. To locate the absolute value function, you have to navigate to a submenu. Use this function on your TI-83 device to quickly calculate the absolute value of an equation or how far an equation is from zero.

    Press the "Math" button, located two spaces below the yellow "2nd" key in the upper left corner of the main keypad. A menu appears.

    Press the right-pointing arrow on the directional pad to select the "Num" tab from the "Math" menu.

    Scroll down to "1: Abs(".

    Push "Enter" on the bottom right corner of the main keypad. The menu closes and an absolute value function appears.

    Type in the equation you want to find the absolute value for.

    Press the ")" key above the "8" in the number pad to close the absolute value function.

    Push "Enter" to calculate the absolute value.

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