How to Find Double Square Roots

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In algebra, you will receive your first introduction to double square roots. Although such problems might look complicated, questions involving double square roots are just intended to test your understanding of the properties of square roots. Therefore, assuming you have such an understanding, these questions should be quite simple and fun.

    Resolve the first square root, or the square root within the square root. If the problem is sqrt(sqrt(49)), resolving the first square root allows us to simplify the expression to sqrt(7). If the problem is sqrt(sqrt(42-6)), then resolving the first square root gives us sqrt(sqrt(36)), or sqrt(6).

    Resolve the second square root. In each of our examples, you will need to use a calculator to find the value of sqrt(7) or sqrt(6): both are fractional.

    Square the value that you compute in Step 2 twice. After you square the value twice, you should obtain the value within the first square root.


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