How to Draw a 7-Point Star

Stars are often charged with symbolic meaning.
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Stars are some of the most common symbols used by humans. They are used to symbolize states or countries in flags. They can denote ideologies and cultures, as the Star of David does. They can also invoke power, as the sheriff badge does. Although at first glance the 7-point star may seem difficult to replicate, you can easily learn how to draw one with some simple notions of geometry and a steady hand.

    Draw a circle with a compass. You can also use the base of a cup or jar.

    Place seven dots around your circle. Although a circle cannot be divided by seven exactly, try and place the dots at approximately equal distances from each other for a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing star.

    Label one of the dots on your circle as number one. Work your way around the circle clockwise and name the next dot number two, the third dot number three and so on up to dot number seven.

    Join the dots with a ruler in the following pattern. Join dot one with dot three, then dot three with dot five. Join dot five with dot seven, then dot seven with dot two. Join dot two with dot 4, dot 4 with dot 6 and dot 6 with dot one. In other words, start at any dot you want and and join every other dot until you get back to where you started.

    Things You'll Need

    • Paper
    • Compass
    • Pencil
    • Ruler


    • Once you have practiced, you can draw a 7-point star without lifting your pencil from the paper. You can also draw a 7-point star, albeit a much spikier star, by joining every third dot.

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