How to Draw Iris Flowers

••• Alina Bradford

Iris flowers are very easy to draw. They are composed of simple shapes that are simple for beginning artists to copy. Read on to learn how to draw iris flowers.


    Break the flower down into simple shapes so that it is easier to draw.

    Example one

    Draw the first petal, which is a wavy edged oval that is open at the bottom. This petal is a place holder for the center of the flower.

    Example two

    Draw the left and right petal the same way, but draw them behind the first petal. Don't worry about folds and details right now.

    Example three

    Draw the bottom petals by starting at the bottom of the first petal and drawing down. The center petal is more like a wavy circle, while the side petals are made from triangular shapes.

    Example five

    Now, add the folds and detail. Notice how the edges of the first petal have been turned into folds for the side petals by adding lines that curve with the original petal lines in Example four. In the center of the first petal, put a curvy M line, an upside down U and short dashes to indicate the "beard" of the iris. The area around the bottom of the first petal has V-shaped lines that point to the edges of the petals.

    Example five

    To draw the smaller folds, keep in mind that each fold follows the curve of the edge of the petal and comes to a point. See Example five.

    Finished iris

    Finish by adding a stem, cleaning up your lines and shading. Make sure all of your folds look correct and add more detail, if needed.


    • Always think of flowers as shapes that are put together to make an object. It will make them easier to draw.


    • Don't get confused by all the folds and details. Just draw simple shapes until they come together to look like an iris.

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