How to Draw Pictures on a Graphing Calculator

How to Draw Pictures on a Graphing Calculator
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The level of your imagination and how skilled you are at graphing pictures are the keys to creating pictures on your graphing calculator. Create cartoon dogs, flowers or even your favorite character on your calculator. Even if you are not a pro at graphing pictures, you can still create a simple picture using your TI-83 or TI-83 Plus graphic calculator.

    Press the “Mode” button, then press the down arrow on the right side of your calculator to scroll to “Func.” Push the left arrow to scroll to “Pol” (polynomial mode) on the fourth line. Click the “Y=” button. A page will appear with “\R=.”

    Click the “(-)” button on the left side of the “Enter” button. Then, type “10” and press the “Sin,” “Cos” and “Tan” button.

    Create your pictures. After pressing the “Sin,” Cos” and “Tan” button, type “Q.” Your equation should look like this: "\R=10(sin(cos(tan(Q" for the TI-83 Plus calculator, or "\R=(sin(cos(Q" for the TI-83. Push “Graph.” You should see a butterfly. Erase the equation. Create your own equation to make whatever image you desire.

    Things You'll Need

    • TI-83
    • TI-83 Plus

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