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Inventions always make great science fair projects. Inventions are fun to make, easy to present, and challenging to explain. For these reasons invention projects are at the crossroads between science and technology. There are many types of inventions that you can do for school. Most of these fall into the broad categories of electronics, biotechnology, communication, tools, and appliances.


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Electronic inventions include circuits and circuit-powered technologies. An electric circuit is a simple device that sends an electric change through a conductor when connected to a power source. Some of the best inventions related to electronics include glass bottle lightbulbs, remote-controlled cars, and solar-powered radios. These inventions can be made with simple materials like glass bottles, copper wire and solar cells.


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Biotechnology inventions use life science to improve human quality of life. Biotechnology inventions include cross-bred plants, home remedies and microscopes. Simple biotech inventions can be made using plant seeds, fertilizer and water. Because the possibilities for new cross-breed and remedies are unlimited, biotechnology is one area where students have the chance to come up with truly new creations.


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Communications inventions facilitate free exchange of information. Communications inventions include plastic foam cup and string phones, radios, and Morse code systems. These inventions can be made easily at home, using cups, string, wire, and refurbished keyboards. Materials for radio and Morse code can be purchased from most electronics retailers.


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Tools are used to shape, connect, and mold items for construction. Tool inventions should provide a faster and easier way of doing a construction procedure. Tool inventions include new versions of hammers, wrenches, saws, and screwdrivers. Because tool construction involves the use of heavy cutting implements, these inventions should only be attempted with the supervision of a shop teacher.

Around the House

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Household furniture and appliances are used to make day-to-day life easier and more convenient. Household inventions include office chair wheels, recliners, and kitchen utensils. Household inventions vary tremendously in complexity. Simple tools like wheels for chairs can be attempted by middle school students, while reclining chair designs should only be attempted by construction-minded high schoolers.


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