Effects of Radiation on Plant Growth & Development

Prevents Seed Growth

Ultraviolet radiation affects plant growth and development in many ways. First, it gradually stops seed growth and sprouting, depended on the how much radiation is released. Soil can become compacted and lose the nutrients needed for plants to grow. The results of various lab experiments supplying Ultraviolet radiation through filtered lamps proved that higher doses of radiation administered to the plants were very damaging.

Disrupts Stomata Resistance

The stomata is a small air hole within a plant leaf that also controls water levels. If there is too much evaporation due to intense radiation, the stomata closes to reserve water. If the stomata is unable to open for a long period of time, the growth of the plant is stunted. Prolonged periods of radiation can completely damage the stomata and destroy the plant.

Damages Plant Cells

The cells of living organism are also damaged and killed by Ultraviolet radiation. What allows plants to grow is the division and expansion of cells as they take up water. Cells contain chromosomes, the genetic material responsible for plant reproduction. If the cell is overly damaged by radiation, then reproduction is hindered.

Increases Cell Mutations

Because ultraviolet radiation destroys cells, the chances of mutation are great. Affected plants are often small and weak with altered leaf patterns.

Reduces Plant Fertility

Prolonged radiation can completely destroy the fertility of a plant. The plant gradually dies. The surroundings become poisoned and prevent the growth of future offspring.

Not all radiation is bad. Sunshine is a type of radiation that is needed for photosynthesis and normal plant growth.

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