How to Make an Electric Motor Using a 9V Battery

Electric motors are found in much of the technology we use every day.
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The electric motor is one of the cornerstones of modern engineering. It is a very simple concept, but without it, some of the world's greatest and most complex machines wouldn't even exist. You can make your own miniature version of this amazing modern marvel right in your very own home. With little more than a nine-volt battery and a few other household items, you can get your own electric motor spinning in no time.

    Set up your magnet and wiring. Place a bar magnet on your work surface and make sure it is clean. Glue two electrical wires (stripped) to either side of the magnet, forming handles on either end of the bar magnet. Make an indentation in the tops of the handles. This will be your cradle. Make sure that there is extra wire sticking out from the bottom of the magnet where the wires are attached. This is going to be where the battery will be connected.

    Connect the battery to the wires. Wrap each wire around either of the nine-volt battery's poles. To secure them, tape the wires down with a small piece of electrical tape. Lay the battery down on the work surface and make sure that the connection is secure.

    Create the rotor. Take a long piece of enameled wire and strip the enamel from one side of it with a craft knife. Cut it into three pieces: one long and two short. Take the long piece and wrap it around your finger several times until the entire piece is all wrapped up in a circle. Then, attach the other two pieces of wire to either end of the loop securely, both sides with the same stripped side facing down.

    Set the motor into motion. Set your newly constructed rotor onto the cradle above the magnet. If the wires are connected properly, it should start spinning immediately. Congratulations! You have just built a simple nine-volt battery motor.

    Things You'll Need

    • Bar magnet
    • Nine-volt battery
    • Electrical wire
    • Enameled wire
    • Craft knife


    • Be careful not to handle stripped wires too much with bare hands. Even though the electric current is low, the wires will heat up after being in use for a short time.