How to Find X in an Equilateral Triangle

An equilateral triangle in which all sides are congruent
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Triangles are geometric shapes with three sides. An equilateral triangle has three sides that are equal in length to one another, and the three angles created by the intersecting sides are equal. If you need to determine the value of "x" on an equilateral triangle, the process is different depending on what "x" is supposed to represent.

    Remember that every angle on an equilateral triangle is 60 degrees. If x is one of the angles, the solution is 60 degrees.

    Use the given length of a different side of the triangle to determine the value of x if x is the length of one side. Every side of an equilateral triangle is the same.

    Multiply the length of one side of the triangle by three to find the value of x, if x is the triangle’s perimeter.

    Determine the area of the triangle if x is supposed to be its area. To do this, take the height of the triangle, which is a line that runs perpendicular to the base and hits the triangle's apex, and multiply it by the length of the base. Divide by two to find the area.


    • The most important step in finding the value of x is determining what x is supposed to represent. Once you know if x represents length, width, area or angle, you will have an easier time solving the equation.

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