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Math games can take the tediousness out of the constant drills students endure in class. Students apply math skills more readily when they are entertained. Math games make learning fun, emphasizing mathematical concepts without the monotony of drills. Although practice drills do reinforce the memorization aspect of learning, math games provide an opportunity for teachers to differentiate their instruction and give their classroom some excitement.

Board Games

You can purchase math board games from the Educational Learning Games website, listed in Resources below, or ask your supervisor for funding. Pay Day, one available board game, presents the reality of household finances and the necessities of life. Pay Day can help you emphasize the role of money in a math class.

If you are an algebra teacher, the board game Equate has students solve linear equations in crossword puzzle format. This website sells games that cater to all age groups, and it targets every discipline in math from addition to geometry.

Create or print

On the Dr. Mike's Math Games for Kids website you can download and print board game templates and accessories such as dice. The games come in board game or card format. Some of the math board games illustrate math games in a chess game match, jigsaw puzzle or dominoes. This website caters to grades kindergarten through 7th grade.

Card Games

Teachers can create a multitude of math games from the standard 52-card deck. The Making Math Card Games More Fun website provides a printable file that illustrates different game types to engage students, such as Addition War and Subtraction War.

If your school does not allow decks of cards, this website provides customized, printable picture math cards, and each game has its own set of instructions.These games are geared toward primary and middle school students.

Online Smartboard Games

Teachers can utilize their Smartboards for online math games. A Smartboard enables students to learn through an online interface. The PlayWithYourMind.com website contains several online math games that make learning math fun. Numbology, for example, focuses on math learning in a "Tetris" style game. This website's games caters to high school, or advanced, classes.

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