How to Extract Lemon Oil

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Lemon oil comes from the peal of the lemon. It is used medicinally, for household products and as a fragrance and flavoring. Manufacturers who extract lemon oil typically use a cold pressed method, which involves machinery that literally presses the oil from the lemon rinds. It will take some 100 lemons to get about an ounce of oil. Yet there is another way to make lemon oil, and that is to infuse it with another oil, such as olive oil.

    Zest a lemon by scraping off slivers of the outside peal using a citrus zester.

    Fill a small glass bottle with the lemon zest.

    Pour olive oil over the lemon zest, and secure the lid tightly on the jar. The zest should be completely covered in oil.

    Place the jar in a sunny window and allow it to sit for several weeks. Shake once or twice a day to blend mixture.

    Strain off the lemon zest from the olive oil. Discard the zest and retain the oil in a clean jar.

    Things You'll Need

    • Lemon
    • Citrus zester
    • Small clean glass jar with lid
    • Olive oil

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