What Is Wrought Steel Pipe?

Steel pipes can be manufactured into numerous specifications.
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The manufacturing process for wrought steel pipe works raw steel into tubes of various lengths and diameters. Steel pipes play a role in the underground moving of water and gas, encasing electrical wires for protection, and the production of vehicles, bicycles, plumbing and heating systems, street lamps and refrigeration units.

Welded Pipe

The welded wrought steel pipe manufacturing involves moving steel strips through rollers that form the material into a tubular shape. These strips then pass through a welding device that fuses them into a single pipe.

Seamless Pipe

Seamless wrought steel pipe starts as a solid piece of heated steel. Forced through a form that shapes the material into a hollow tube, the pipe is then machined into appropriate dimensions.

Additional Processing

Welded and seamless wrought steel pipes often go through a machine for straightening. Threads machined into the ends of smaller diameter pipes allow them to connect together. Various protective coatings placed over the steel -- such as oil, paint, zinc or other kinds of material depending on the usage of the pipe -- prevent rusting.

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