Facts About Dinosaurs for Kids

Facts About Dinosaurs for Kids

Millions of years ago, before the existence of people, dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Many children try to educate themselves about these creatures.

How Many Species

There has been 700 species of dinosaurs identified as of 2009, and paleontologists (people who study the time of dinosaurs) believe there are many more waiting to be discovered.


The largest dinosaurs were over 100 feet long and 50 feet tall, and the smallest were about the size of a chicken.

The Fiercest Dinosaur


It is believed that the Utahraptor was the fiercest species of dinosaurs. This species was about 23 feet long and 7 feet tall.


About sixty-five percent of dinosaurs were herbivores (meaning they only ate plants). Other dinosaurs were carnivores, meaning they ate meat.


It is believed that two massive destructions took place that caused the dinosaurs to become extinct. The first was a meteorite landing in what is now called the Yucatan Peninsula, and the second being a volcanic eruption in what is now called India.

How the Dinosaur Got Its Name

The word dinosaur was coined by Sir Richard Owen in 1842. It literally means "terrible lizard."

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