How to Feed Squirrels Popcorn

How to Feed Squirrels Popcorn
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Squirrels are resourceful creatures when it comes to finding food and will often make pests of themselves by eating from bird feeders and garbage cans. You can nip this habit in the bud by feeding the squirrels yourself. Nuts, grains, and other small foodstuffs are popular squirrel snacks. Next time you make popcorn, set some aside for the squirrels. Popcorn makes excellent squirrel food and can be given to a squirrel very easily.

    Choose an area far away from your bird feeders and garbage cans to designate as your squirrel feeding grounds.

    Fill a bowl or a squirrel feeder with popcorn and set it up in the area you have selected.

    Leave the area alone and allow the squirrels to come and go freely. The squirrels will learn quickly that they can get food easily from the feeding area and should stop picking at your bird feeders and garbage cans.

    Refill the feeder or bowl periodically, to keep the squirrels coming. You may elect to add another dish at some point, depending on how many squirrels frequent your area.

    Things You'll Need

    • Popcorn
    • Dish
    • Squirrel feeder (optional)


    • Make sure that popcorn you feed to squirrels is unsalted. Giving a squirrel too much sodium may speed up its heart rate, and could lead to an early death.


    • You should never feed a squirrel using your fingers. Squirrels' eyes are located on the side of their heads, which prevents them from seeing what's directly in front of their mouths. This could lead to you getting your finger bitten.

      If you are ever bitten by a squirrel, seek medical attention right away. Squirrels may be infected with rabies or other diseases which can be transmitted to humans.

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