How to Find Petoskey Stones

The Petoskey stone is a type of fossil coral.
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The Petoskey stone is the state rock of Michigan. The Petoskey stone is corral that has been fossilized. These rocks can be found along the shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. The name Petoskey is an Ottawa name and means "rays of dawn" or "rising sun." Hunting the Petoskey stones along the shores of the Great Lakes is a popular summer pastime in northern Michigan.

    Look for Petoskey stones along the beaches of northwestern Michigan. Good spots for searching are near Charlevoix, Petoskey and Bay Harbor.

    Search for Petoskey stones in river beds and streams in any of the natural areas of northern Michigan.

    Explore rocky areas like stone quarries in search of rough Petoskeys. A rough Petoskey looks similar to a potato and is usually round. Petoskeys that are in or near water have usually been polished by the constant moving of the water and neighboring rocks.

    Visit the annual Atrium County Petoskey Festival to find polished specimens of Petoskey stones.

    Stop at gift shops along the shores of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. There you will find Petoskey Stones of all shapes and sizes that have been polished and turned into everything from key chains and magnets to other large pieces of art.

    Ask local merchants and residents in towns along the shoreline where the best places are to find Petoskey stones.

    Travel to the many art galleries in northwestern lower Michigan to find beautiful Petoskey stone artwork. Galleries of local artists and artisans dot the shoreline of the Grand Travers Bay and the Leelanau Peninsula.


    • Finding Petoskey stones is like finding a small piece of Michigan's history. Kids and adults alike will enjoy exploring all the many different places Petoskey stones are likely to turn up. Take a bucket along with you to gather any specimens you might find.

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