How to Find the Product of Fractions

How to Find the Product of Fractions
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To find the product of fractions, you need to multiply. Multiplying fractions can be a bit confusing because, unlike when you add or subtract, you do not need the denominators to be the same. You can find the product of two or several fractions. Here are instructions on finding the product of fractions.

    Start with fractions for which you need to find the product. In this example, we will multiply the fractions 4/6 and 3/5.

    Simplify the fractions to the lowest terms. A fraction needs to be simplified if the same number can divide both the numerator and denominator of a fraction. So 4/6 would become 2/3 and you would multiply by 3/5.

    Multiply the numerators. Multiply the top number in one fraction by the top number in the other fraction. In this case 2 x 3 = 6.

    Multiply the denominators. Multiply the bottom number of one fraction by the bottom number in the other fraction. In this case 3 x 5 = 15

    Simplify the product again if necessary. Your product of 6/15 can be converted into 2/5 by dividing both the numerator and denominator by 3. So the product of 4/6 and 3/5 is 2/5.


    • You do not need to simplify in the beginning but it makes doing the math easier. Always reduce your fraction to the simplest terms.

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