How to Fix a Submersible Water Pump

A pond pump keeps the water from becoming stagnant.
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A submersible water pump is one designed to be immersed into the fluid intended for pumping. It is superior to other types of pumps because it is not affected by pump cavitation, which is a problem caused by air bubbles forming in the pump, lowering its capacity and at times damaging it. There are different types of submersible pumps, each designed to be used in specific settings such as bore holes and water wells.

    Check for any damage on the pump components above the ground. This includes checking pipes for breakages and leaks, checking the pump circuit and circuit breaker for any faults and looking out for any loose fits and joints in the system above the ground.

    Reset the circuit breaker in case of an overload or power surge by simply switching it back to the “On” position. However, it is important to check for continuity in the entire circuit and test for short circuits before turning the circuit breaker back on. Otherwise the circuit breaker will trip again.

    Replace any broken pipes connected to the pump. Use wrenches and pipe connectors to join pipes at leaking or broken points and adhesive tape to fix small leaks or a clamped piece of rubber to fix bigger leaks. Adhesive resins are also used to stop leakages in pipes.

    Look out for gases from the discharge through the pipes. If present, this indicates low water levels of the source inhibiting the ability of the pump to function well. Turn the pump off and place it in a deeper source.

    Remove any blockages in the pump inlet. You may have to remove the pump from the water to do so if installed deep in it. Often, water plants and soil block the pump’s inlet, causing the pump to malfunction. Make sure you wear protective gloves when removing blockages.

    Things You'll Need

    • Multimeter
    • Wrenches
    • Pipes
    • Pipe connectors

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