How to Find the Fractional Part of a Number

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At first glance, math problems can often appear complex and difficult. However, when you understand the formula for solving math problems, the complexity disappears. For example, finding the fractional part of a number may sound complicated. The formula for finding the fractional part of a whole number involves simple division and multiplication. When you finish performing the formula to find the fractional part, you will know the precise number that the fraction represents.

    Read the problem to decipher the components and apply the formula. For example, if the problem is “What is 5/7 of 93,” then “5” is the numerator, “7” is the denominator and “93” is the whole number.

    Divide the whole number by the denominator. Using the same example, divide 93 / 7 = 13.3.

    Multiply the quotient from the previous step by the numerator. Using the same example, multiply 13.3 * 5 = 66.5. This means that 66.5 is 5/7 of 93.


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