Fun Games & Activities for Field Day

Fun Games & Activities for Field Day
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Field day is a school activity that kids look forward to all year. It's held toward the end of the year when the weather is warmer and is one of the last school events before summer. Traditionally, it is a sporting event where kids get to run around, play games and win prizes. Having events that every child can easily get involved in will make this a special day for everyone.

Frisbee Golf

Make a course of "golf holes" for the kids to play through. You will need Frisbees, hula hoops, cones and a small swimming pool. Each cone is a flag and each hula hoop is a hole. The swimming pool is going to act like a water hazard for the golf course. Kids will take the Frisbee and try to get it in the hula hoop. Each throw is a stroke.

Beach Relay

Break up into teams of four or five kids each. Have a bunch of beach clothes and items like flip-flops, swim fins, swim trunks and sunglasses at one end of the play area. When you say "Go," one member of each team will run down, put on one of each item you have down there, and run back to the other side. Each team member has to run down and back. The first team with all the members clothed wins.

Sponge and Bucket Relay

Break up into teams of three. Have as many teams as you want or need. You will need buckets, sponges and water for this activity. Take one bucket, fill it with water and place it at the front of the team. Behind the team, place another bucket with a line drawn on the middle of the bucket. The first person will take the sponge and dunk it in the water bucket. He will pass it over his head to the person behind him. In turn, that person will pass it to the last person who will squeeze the sponge behind his head and try to get it in the bucket. The first team to fill the bucket up to the line wins.

Soda Bottle Bowling

Use the blacktop to draw lanes with chalk. Other items you will need include soda bottles and basketballs. Fill 2-liter soda bottles with 1 to 2 inches of water to weigh them down. Place the bottles at one end of the alley and arrange them like bowling pins. Have the kids use a basketball for the bowling ball. You can make a board to keep score or just let them play for a certain amount of time.

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