Girly Science Fair Project Ideas

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Science fair projects don’t have to be boring and dry. Instead, choose a topic that appeals to your girly side. You’ll have more fun completing a project that deals with something you’re interested in. Present your findings on a pretty pink or bright-colored display board, and write your titles in glitter glue pens for an added feminine touch.

Dancers and Balance

If you’ve been taking dance classes for years, do a science fair project related to this interest. Create a project that tests the importance of different senses for dancers’ balance, for example. Ask your dance instructor if you can use a classroom for a certain amount of time to complete the experiment, and ask your dance classmates to participate in the project. Test each dancer’s balance with no impediments and record your observations. Then test each dancer’s balance with her eyes blindfolded and then with her ears plugged. Analyze your observations to determine which impediment affects a dancer’s balance most. You can then draw a conclusion about which sense is more important to balance: vision or hearing.

Shampoo Test

Find out whether one shampoo brand is more effective than another. Choose several different shampoo brands to test, and place samples of each in clear plastic bottles so that your subjects will not recognize the brands. Give each participant a sample of each brand and ask him to wash his hair for one week with each sample. Have your subjects rank the different shampoos in different categories and compile the results to determine which shampoo was the most popular. You can also do projects of this kind with body wash, hair gel or other similar projects. Make sure your participants have no allergies.

Crystal Gardens

Design a science fair project that involves growing a pretty crystal garden. You can purchase kits that come with all the necessary supplies and ingredients for growing crystals. Ask a parent to help you with any steps involving ammonia. Choose a variable to test, such as the growing temperature or the volume of a certain ingredient. Find out what temperature or recipe produces the most successful crystal garden.

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