Girly Science Fair Projects for Kids

Use science to determine whether nail polish formulas are different.
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Girly girl science experiments involve learning about items that interest girls. Many girls enjoy wearing make up or may be more likely to clean up items than boys. These activities, as well as others that appeal to many girls, can be the subject of a girl's science experiment.

Nail Polish Experiments

Girly girls often enjoy doing their nails or getting professional manicures. They can test the durability of nail polish by using several different types of polish. They should record what type of polish they used on each nail. Each day they should examine the nail with a magnifying glass to see which polish chips the most. Keeping notes will help them identify the rate the polish chips. Another experiment they can try will determine whether certain colors dry faster. Girls should polish one hand with a light color and one hand with a dark color. Dry the nails for the same amount of time. For example, three minutes, and then test to see if one hand is drier.

Mascara Experiment

Girls may wonder whether all water-proof mascara is really water-proof. Choose several water-proof mascara brands to test. Apply the first brand and let the mascara set for thirty minutes. Immerse your face in sink water for five seconds. Record whether there was any change in the mascara. Next wipe the mascara with a wet washcloth. Record how the mascara reacts. Try this experiment over the course of a few days with other water-proof mascara brands. Record differences.

Hair: Removing Gum

Conduct a test to see which substances remove gum from hair best. Go to the hairdresser and get hair samples from the same head of hair. Put gum in each sample. Dip the hair in different substances and then see how easy it is to comb the gum out of the hair. For example, try dipping a clump of hair in vinegar and another in alcohol. Make sure the hair stays in each sustance for the same amount of time. Record the results.

Eliminating Coffee Stains

Fill three cups halfwy with coffee and let them sit overnight. Dump out the coffee. Spend a minute scrubbing one cup with a paste of baking soda and water. Scrub one cup for a minute with bleach. Clean the third cup with toothpaste for a minute. Record which substance cleaned the coffee stains the best.

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