Grade 2 Math Projects

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Math projects are ways to get pupils involved in their education and give them further understanding of mathematical concepts and ideas. In the second grade, math includes adding, subtracting, patterns, shapes and similar ideas. Projects should include math skills while making the activities enjoyable for children.

Make a Math Game

Teachers can assign children to make a math game, such as a board game or a game show. The students design the game based on their current math lessons, such as game show addition. The teacher can either have the pupils work on the project of creating a math game in class or assign it as homework.

Drawing Project

Drawing is a useful skill in second-grade art. It not only makes it easier for pupils to understand the math concepts, but it also uses the shapes and patterns of the math lessons and allows pupils to break down the math skills into smaller areas of study. For example, pupils can draw a pattern or can work on shapes used in math.

Internet Project

Internet projects might include finding games online to practice math skills, such as addition and subtraction games, or looking for math craft projects or even finding online math help. The teacher can tell the pupils what to look for and how to look, such as typing “addition game” into a search engine and have the pupils find three or four websites each. Teachers should supervise pupils when they are on the computers.

Find Math at Home

As a homework project, teachers can have pupils look for math at home. This might include instances when their parents use math skills, patterns in the house, or items that use numbers, such as a clock or TV. Assign the pupils to find four or five uses of math in their homes. This shows pupils why they need the math skills they are learning in class.


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