Grass Growth Science Project

Grass Growth Science Project
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A science project exploring grass growth provides guidance on achieving the perfect lawn and restoring habitats. According to All Science Fair, many golf courses' seek the most drought-resistant grass as well. Each experiment should test only one variable.


Select three to five grass types and plant the seeds in seed trays or plastic cups. Place the seed containers in sunlight or under a grow light and do not water. Record the daily growth rate and health of each grass. Calculate the length of time until each wilts or dies.

Types of Grass

Another simple option starts with placing the seed containers with the different grass seeds in identical light conditions. Give each the same amount of water for four to eight weeks. Chart daily growth, noting which one(s) grow the fastest and stay the healthiest.

Light, Soil and Water

Fill each seed tray with soil and plant one type of seed. If testing soils, use a different soil in each one. Treat each container with the specified light or water conditions. Alternatively, you can give each container a different solution such as water, saltwater, sugar water, coffee or tea. Graph growth progress for four to eight weeks to draw conclusions about the best growth-producing conditions.

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