How to Handle a Microscope

How to Handle a Microscope
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Microscopes are devices used to magnify small objects, allowing them to be seen by the naked eye. Most microscopes have several different powerful lenses attached to them, allowing the viewer to inspect the content at more than 100 times its actual size. However, microscopes are extremely expensive, so you want to make sure you handle the device properly.

    Hold the microscope with one hand around the arm of the device, and the other hand under the base. This is the most secure way to hold and walk with the microscope.

    Avoid touching the lenses of the microscope. The oil and dirt on your fingers can scratch the glass.

    Clean smudges on the microscope glass with a piece of lens paper. Any other material, such as tissues or even cotton, can scratch the glass of the microscope.

    Rotate the nosepiece of the microscope all the way down to its lowest level when you have finished using the microscope. If you leave the nosepiece up while storing it, the gears on the device can wear out. If this happens, the nosepiece may not be able to lift and hold its position.

    Cover the microscope with the dust cover to protect it from dirt and other debris.

    Things You'll Need

    • Microscope
    • Lens paper
    • Dust cover

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