How to Hang a Planet Made Out of Styrofoam

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Styrofoam balls make excellent materials for building models of planets. They come in different sizes and can be painted to resemble the planets they represent. Inexpensive and lightweight, they are the perfect materials from which to make models for decorating your room or for science fair projects. Once your planets have been completed, you can hang them from the ceiling. Use clear fishing line so that it looks as if your planets are suspended in space. You can hang your planets easily using household items.

    Unbend one end of the paper clip. You should have a straight piece of wire with a hook on the end.

    Press the straight wire into the Styrofoam planet. If you want the planet to hang straight up, push it into the top of the planet. Most planets are tilted on their axis. If you want a more accurate representation of your planet, research its degree of tilt and press the paper clip into the ball slightly off center.

    Tie the fishing line onto the hooked end of the paper clip. In the other end of the line, make a loop and tie it off. Press the thumbtack or screw the hook into the ceiling where you would like your planet displayed.

    Place the loop in the end of the fishing line through the hook or thumbtack to hang your planet from the ceiling.

    Things You'll Need

    • Paper clip
    • Fishing ling
    • Thumbtack or screw-in hook

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