How to Hide Your Scent From Dogs

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Many scientists compare dogs’ sense of smell to humans’ sense of sight. Every second, animals shed millions of microscopic skin cells, and dogs can detect these cells to compose a mental picture of their surroundings based on smell. There is no way to completely mask your human scent unless you are in a completely sealed bubble – with no holes or vents. However, there are a few ways to obscure your scent, which might make you less detectable to dogs.

    Stay downwind of the dog if you are outside. This is the most effective way to avoid detection since the wind carries your scent. You will know you are downwind of the dog if the wind is blowing directly into your face from the dog's general location.

    Wash your body thoroughly before encountering a dog. You can buy scent-eliminating soaps inexpensively which can help to mask the human smell.

    Wear clothing that has only been washed in that same scent-eliminating soap.

    Wear scent-reducing apparel if you are willing to spend more money. These clothes use activated carbon to trap human scents before they enter the air.

    Avoid entering restaurants or coming into contact with smoke.

    Spray your hands and feet with a scent eliminating spray just before coming into contact with a dog. Wear gloves if you can.

    Things You'll Need

    • Scent eliminating soap
    • Scent eliminating apparel
    • Scent eliminating spray
    • Gloves


    • "Scent Killer" is a fairly inexpensive and effective brand of scent eliminators. When you are trying to evade a dog's sense of smell, try not to touch anything. You can easily leave a scent trail with your hands.


    • In order to make odor eliminating apparel effective, you will need to purchase a full outfit (shirt, pants, socks, boots, hat, jacket) which can cost between $300 and $500.