Homemade Clear Liquid Plastic

Clear plastic can be made at home.
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Plastic is made by mixing together a liquid plastic formula. The formula is then poured into a mold, where it is hardened into a specific shape. Liquid plastic is made by mixing resin with liquid hardener. The liquid harden acts as a catalyst to initiate the hardening process when the liquid is poured into a mold.

    Find a well-ventilated area to work in. The fumes of the material used can be very strong.

    Pour 32 oz. of casting resin into a paper container.

    Add 1 oz. of liquid hardener. If you want to make a smaller batch, remember that 10 drops of liquid hardener are needed for each ounce of casting resin.

    Stir the two ingredients together with a wooden paint mixing stick.

    Continue to stir until all of the streaks within the mixture have disappeared.

    Things You'll Need

    • 32 oz. can of casting resin
    • 1 oz. container of liquid hardener
    • Paper bowl
    • Wooden paint mixer

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