Homemade Squirrel Feeders for Kids

Homemade Squirrel Feeders for Kids
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Squirrels are cute and furry backyard animals that generally provide competition to birds by vying for their birdseed feeders. Watching squirrels forage and feed is an entertaining experience. Though several squirrel feeders are available on the market, involving kids in a squirrel feeder craft project can be an enjoyable and educational process. You can use inexpensive material to easily prepare a variety of creative squirrel feeders.

Feeding Season

Autumn is the time when squirrels actively forage for food. As the days shorten and the climate cools, squirrels put on full display their amazing gymnastic capabilities. These entertaining animals jump, prance, climb, somersault and swirl in their zeal to collect and store food. The best time to observe squirrels in action is at the break of dawn and a couple of hours before sunset, when they are most active.

Corn Cob Feeder

Use dried corn to create a corn cob feeder. Corn is a favorite squirrel food and is readily available at grocery and gardening stores. You can create a simple squirrel feeder by using corn cob and twine. Tie one end of the twine to the dried corn cob. Hang this corn cob feeder to a tree by wrapping and tying the twine around a branch. Hang several of these corn cob feeders for an appealing garden display and an attractive squirrel feeder.

Pinecone Feeder

Take a medium pinecone, wipe it clean of any debris and ensure that it is completely dry. Tie string or wire either around the base, or at the top of the pinecone. Mix equal quantities of shortening and chunky peanut butter. Use a spoon or knife to apply this paste all over the pinecone, right down into the pinecone petals or openings. Squirrels enjoy peanuts and will be quite attracted to this feeder. The paste will double up as glue, over which the actual squirrel food will be placed. Roll the pinecone in a flat pan filled with oats and peanuts. Use your fingers to press the oats and peanuts to the pinecone. Hang your pinecone feeder in an ideal location to attract squirrel.

Milk Carton Feeder

Use a scissor to cut an opening on either side of a clean and empty milk carton. Apply nontoxic paint to the carton and allow it to dry. Paste a Popsicle stick on either side of the top of the milk carton, to create an attractive roof. Pour corn, peanuts or seeds on the bottom of the feeder, through the opening that you cut. Pass a wire through either side of the top portion of the milk carton and hang it for the squirrels to feed on.

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