Honeysuckle Facts

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Honeysuckle is a type of fragrant flower often used in products like perfume and body wash. The delicate flowers grow on a twining shrub that can grow around other types of plants or climb on buildings and other tall objects.


Honeysuckle has small oval shaped leaves that range in color from dark green to a blue-green. They also have white tube shaped flowers on the shrubs, which are replaced by round berries.


The scent of the honeysuckle is often attractive to moths that gather around the flowers at night. The berries attract birds, such as robins and blackbirds.


There are at least 65 different types or species of honeysuckle. These plants are native to certain areas and regions, such as the Tartarian honeysuckle grown in Asia and parts of Europe.


While the flower itself isn’t harmful, the berries of the honeysuckle are toxic to humans if ingested. The berries can cause nausea or even vomiting.


Honeysuckle is often used inside cat toys because the animals are attracted to the scent. It’s also used as a scent in different types of health and beauty products.

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