How to Repair a Water Cooler

Water Cooler

Blocked spouts, strange tasting water and temperature problems are the most common issues that people have with their water coolers. Dependent upon the problem you are having with your water cooler, you may be able to fix it easily. Maintaining your water cooler is extremely important in avoiding unnecessary repairs later. If you are regularly maintaining your water cooler, you are more likely to be familiar with what part of the cooler is providing the trouble when a need for a repair does arise.

    Check your freon levels if your water cooler is not providing you with cold water any longer. If there appears to be a problem with the freon, you will have to get a professional to refill the freon. Only those with proper certifications are legally allowed to handle freon.

    Check to see if the coils are clean if you are having trouble getting hot or cold water out of your water cooler. Before checking or cleaning these, make sure to disconnect your water cooler from the electrical outlet.

    Perform a reset on your cooler if it is freezing the water or if it is not getting cold enough. To do a reset, drain a few cups of water out of both the hot and cold sides of the water cooler. Then turn the switches in the back of the cooler off. Unplug your water cooler, and leave it unplugged for 24 hours. When you do turn it back on, be sure to turn the back switches on as well. After you have done all of this, wait another 5 hours before dispensing any water, and see if this has worked.

    Clean the cooler and dispenser if the water simply has a strange taste or is not coming out properly. Sometimes mold and mildew may grow in various places that can block the good flow of water and can create a strange taste. It is a good idea to clean and sanitize your water cooler once every 6 months.

    Replacement Spout

    Buy new parts to replace the ones that are malfunctioning. This is the most sanitary and safest method of repairing your water cooler if the above steps have not corrected the problem. When repairing your water cooler or replacing parts, be sure to consider what the cost would be to replace the entire cooler. If you are just renting the cooler, the company may be willing to replace your cooler at no additional charge.


    • Keep your water cooler in an area that has a moderate temperature, not too cold or hot.


    • Don't position your water cooler in direct sunlight. This would encourage the increased growth of bacteria.

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