How to Convert Bushels to Hundredweight

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Things You'll Need

  • Number of bushels
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Calculator
  • Table of grain weights (see link in Resources)

Occasionally, you may need to convert your harvest from bushels into hundredweight. This is a simple calculation. You may even use a calculator to solve this if you prefer. Bushels are a unit of volume and hundredweight is a unit of weight. Since different grains have different weights, you will need to consult a table of grain weights before you can complete the calculation.

    Consult the approximate grain weight table for the correct multiple to use (see link in Resources). Select the item you want to convert from bushels to hundredweight. Make sure that in the description of the item that the unit used is a bushel.

    Take the number of bushels you have and multiply that number by the number from the chart in Step 1. For example, the number listed in pounds per unit of corn is 70. You will multiply the number of bushels of corn you have by 70.

    Take the number from Step 2 and divide that by 100. This will be your harvest in hundredweight.

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