How to Get a Recycling Bin

Get a Recycling Bin

Recycling not only protects our natural resources, it creates jobs, saves landfill space and saves energy. Every aluminum can that is recycled saves enough energy to power a television for up to three hours (See References 3). 15,000 tons of buried waste in the U.S. creates one job; recycling 15,000 tons of waste creates nine new jobs (See References 1). Get a recycling bin and help the economy and the environment.

    Call your contracted garbage pickup company. Often garbage companies will provide recycling containers free or for a small charge.

    Ask your garbage company if there are recommendations or size restrictions on recycling containers for your area. In some instances, any regular garbage can clearly marked RECYCLING can be used as a recycling container. Check these restrictions carefully so you don't purchase a container that can't be used.

    Call the waste management department of your city government. Ask if they provide recycling containers or if they know of organizations that provide recycling containers for free. Local environmental groups may provide recycling containers as well.

    Call your county government office to see if they provide free recycling containers. They may also know of a service or agency that provides these containers at no charge.

    Go to your local hardware or home building store to purchase a recycling container.


    • Over seven thousand gallons of water, seventeen trees and approximately four thousand kilowatts of power are conserved for each ton of paper recycled. The entire State of Texas can be shrink wrapped using the amount of plastic film thrown away by consumers in the U.S. (See References 3).


    • Obtain a recycling container with a lid to avoid littering on a windy day.

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