How to Read a Time Clock in Hundredths of an Hour

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Companies use time clocks to keep track of the wages earned by employees paid by the hour. Many time clocks report hours worked as a decimal to the hundredth of an hour rather than in hours minutes and seconds so it is easier to determine how much the worker should be paid. But it is easy to convert from decimal time to hours, minutes and seconds, as needed.

    Multiply the decimal portion of the hour by 60 to determine the number of minutes. For example, of your time close reading was 8.53, you would multiply 0.53 times 60 and get 31.8.

    Multiply the decimal portion of the number in step one by 60 to determine the number of seconds. For example, if you had 31.8 minutes, you would multiply 0.8 by 60 and get 48 seconds.

    Combine the hours from the time clock, the minutes found in step one and the second found in step two to get the total time. For example, in the example the time would be eight hours, 31 minutes and 48 seconds.

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