How to Convert CM to Inches in Excel

Converting centimeters to inches is a common task in engineering projects.
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Microsoft Excel offers powerful conversion functionality to the user. You can apply simple equations across ranges of data to quickly produce new figures. Use this powerful feature to convert centimeters to inches in Excel.

    Open or create a new spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel. Select "New.." from the file menu, or press "Ctrl + N" to create the spreadsheet.

    Enter the value for centimeters to be converted In cell "A1." For example, to convert 2.54 centimeters to inches, you would enter the value "2.54" into cell "A1."

    Enter the following into cell "B1": = A1/2.54. This defines the equation that will be used to convert centimeters into inches. The "=" at the beginning of the line defines that cell as a function. The "A1" refers to the cell that contains your data. The "/" tells Excel to perform division. The value "2.54" is the standard conversion rate for converting centimeters to inches.

    Hit enter. The cell "B1" will display the value of centimeters converted to inches. Finishing the example, cell "A1" will display the value "2.54" for centimeters while cell "B1" will display the value "1" for inches.


    • Enter the equation to convert centimeters to inches into any cell in the Excel spreadsheet by substituting the "A1" in the equation with the location of the cell to be converted.