How to Calibrate a Cen-Tech Digital Pocket Scale

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The Cen-Tech Digital Pocket Scale is a battery-operated, small, lightweight scale that measures in grams, ounces, troy ounces and pennyweight. At times, you may need to calibrate the scale so that it continues to function properly. The scale features a built-in calibration feature, and the scale comes with calibration weights so that you can periodically calibrate your scale.

    Remove all objects from the platform of the scale.

    Power on the scale by pressing the "ON/OFF" button.

    Press the "Unit" key repeatedly until you see "CAL" displayed on the scale's screen.

    Press the "Unit" key again.

    Wait for the scale's display to show a calibration weight.

    Place the calibration weight on the platform of the scale. Use a calibration weight that corresponds to the weight displayed on the scale's screen, for example, grams. If the display shows "PASS," the calibration is complete and the scale will automatically enter weighing mode. If the display shows "FAIL," the scale will power off and you need to repeat the calibration process.

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