How to Write Notes on a TI-84 Silver Edition Calculator

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Texas Instruments manufactures the TI-84 Silver Edition graphic calculator. The TI-84 Silver Edition has several features, such as a built-in USB port, a clock, 1.5 megabytes of flash ROM and a backup cell battery. In addition to many other preinstalled programs, the TI-84 Silver Edition has a basic word processor program. Users can write notes, copy and paste text and transfer note files between their calculator and a personal computer.

    Start your calculator at the home screen. Identify the home screen as a blank page. If your screen is not blank, press the “Clear” button on your keypad until you reach the home screen.

    Hit the “APPS” key on your keypad. Scroll down the list of programs until you reach the application titled “NoteFolio.” Hit the “Enter” key.

    Hit the “Enter” key again when prompted by the calculator. Begin writing notes.

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