How to Convert BTU to MCF

BTUs are helpful measurements to determine how much your heater is putting out versus how much you need.
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Converting British Thermal Units (BTU) to a thousand cubic feet (MCF) is helpful when performing energy calculations, but may seem tricky due to how different the two terms are. The gas industry uses the term MCF to represent one thousand cubic feet of gas, whereas a BTU is the measurement for how much heat is necessary to raise the temperature of a pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. However, converting BTUs into MCFs requires just a simple calculation.

    Write down the number of BTUs. For example, 2,450,000 BTUs.

    Divide that figure by 1,027,000. Dividing 2,450,000 BTUs by 1,027,000 yields a figure of 2.38559 (rounded to the nearest hundred-thousandth).

    Write down the answer and round it up or down as desired to arrive at the MCF. So, 2,450,000 BTUs is equivalent to a little less than 2.4 MCFs.

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